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Working Within Your Comfort Level

Massage therapy on the table is the most effective form of massage there is. While chair massages are convenient, the access to your body and variety of techniques that can be applied with the use of a table is unbeatable. Tables allow us to work your muscles in a way that breaks up even the most stubborn knots of tense muscle. For those who’ve never had a massage before, we understand that the concept may make you uncomfortable. However, our staff is highly professional and treats you with the utmost respect. We’ve worked with many first timers and once we’re through, they’re always ready to come back for more.

Pricing Information for Massage Services

Massage at your location:  1 Hour $100

Massage at our location:  1 hour $65

Longer sessions are available.

We can offer a discount if you schedule a few days in advance.

Specialized Massages on Professionally Designed Tables

Mobile Massage of Charlotte provides a pampering, relaxing experience when you come to us for table massage therapy. With more than 15 years of experience serving Charlotte, North Carolina, we know just how to make you comfortable while using our blend of techniques, such as neuro-muscular and Swedish massage, to release tension and alleviate pain. Forget about all the stresses of life and problems of the day. When you’re on our table the only thing you’ll be concerned with is how good it feels to relax and let go.